Creating Brighter Tomorrows

At some point in life, everyone gets stuck. Since 1928, Family Services of Greater Vancouver has been helping families through challenging times in their lives. We offer support, provide hope, and present opportunities—helping people realize and create possibilities for themselves. And we do this through a combination of professional counselling, therapy, education, advocacy, planning, and other supportive services. All of our work is about building healthy, vibrant tomorrows for families in our communities.

Help create brighter tomorrows for a youth on the street.

The cold, wet season of winter is here and for many homeless youth here in Vancouver, the dream of a safe and stable home can be a distant one. We need your help. Together, we can create brighter tomorrows.

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The Dandelion

We know that when we help one person, we help their family and community too. The dandelion flower embodies hope, wishes, and resilience. When a child blows on a dandelion flower, seeds are released that grow and thrive no matter where they land, and grow deep roots. Our programs and services build on strengths and honour the different paths a life may take, with Family Services representing the moment when a child takes a deep breath and exhales…

2013|2014 Annual Report Now Available

Check our our video annual report, presented at the 2013/2014 Annual General Meeting.

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Consider Keener’s Car Wash for Your Mobile Car Washing Needs

Keeners Car Wash is owned by Family Services of Greater Vancouver and is the first social enterprise in Canada delivering convenient and consistent car washing services for Corporate Parking Lots and Car Share Services. We’re building brighter tomorrows for Vancouver’s youth through innovative and environmentally sound business practices.

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