Yearly Archives: 2017

Caring Neighbours Program – Act 1

When you give, you get.  It is as simple as that.

I’ve lost two loved ones on my Christmas list this year which could be a sad story, but it isn’t this story.  As a result, I have a little more this season, allowing me to sponsor a senior in my community who could use an...
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Top Five Tips on Saving for Your Child’s Education

Thinking about funding your kids’ education can seem overwhelming.

With education costs rising at over twice the rate of inflation over the last 20 years, developing a strategy and initiating it when your kids are young, becomes critical when tackling the high price tag attached to post-secondary education. Here are five tips to help you get ahead...
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FSGV Adoptions Holiday Open House – With Santa Visit!

Dear Families, December will be a month of celebration at the FSGV Adoption Agency. This year marks our 20th Anniversary and we are proud to continue to support families in creating brighter tomorrows. With Adoption Awareness Month still fresh in our minds, we are celebrating with a Holiday Open House on December 14, 2017. We are delighted...
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A Walk in the Shoes of a Homeless Youth

  As a 22 year old transgendered female with mental challenges and a history of incarceration, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to successfully find income, 3 square meals, and a warm, dry, safe place to stay for the night. These were the objectives and challenges facing me during my recent experience in the...
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Can a Taking Part in Community Kitchen Transform a Life?

Community Kitchens–Cooking, Connections and More

Community kitchens, where people cook nourishing meals together, are great ways for people to learn to prepare tasty food while building connections with other people in their community. That’s why Family Services of Greater Vancouver offers community kitchens that are open to anyone, as well as kitchens for single moms, seniors, men,...
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