Strategic Direction of Family Services

What We Stand For

Our Vision:

Brighter tomorrows in which all people are resilient, confident, and filled with hope.

Our Mission:

We work to inspire and support those in our community who need help to reach their full potential: children are nurtured, youth find optimism, adults feel empowered, and parents make choices that build strong families.

Our Values:

Diversity: Everybody matters.

Integrity: We do right by people.

Optimism: Change is ever possible.

Innovation: We dream. We have courage. We respond.

Excellence: It’s where we start.

Our Pillars:

Our people: Our employees are essential to the vitality, integrity, and strength of the organization.

Our supporters: We depend upon our supporters in the community for their time, advocacy, expertise, funding, and other essential resources.

Our services: We are committed to developing and providing a broad range of quality services that are responsive to diverse community needs.

Our financial management: Financial sustainability is essential to our ability to fulfill our mission over the long term.

Where We Are Headed

Our strategic goals have been structured to ensure we will be here to serve families in our community for another 85 years.

This is what we are striving to achieve by 2018:

  1. Priority 1 – Operational Excellence “Set the bar high”
    We will provide exceptional experiences for everyone who comes to Family Services. Our business systems will be efficient. We will extract information that helps us effectively manage the agency and guide our decision making. Our ambitious goals will stretch us to exceed performance standard benchmarks. We will constantly evaluate that we are doing what we have said we will do.
  2. Priority 2 – Choice Employer “Be the best place to work”
    We will attract, inspire, and keep the best and the brightest talent. Our people care passionately and their fires are stoked by working and learning with and from one another in the pursuit of excellence. Curiousity, creativity, and continuous learning fuel change. We will keep our people’s wellness at the forefront.
  3. Priority 3 – Financial Sustainability “Invest in today for tomorrow”
    The needs of tomorrow drive us to find new and innovative ways to secure a sound financial future. The Family Services of Greater Vancouver Foundation will become a vital tool to maximize our donors’ interest and investments. Our contracted services will be driven by our focus on enhanced outcomes for people. Transparency and accountability serve as our guiding principles.
  4. Priority 4 – Mission Impact “Make the ultimate difference”
    We will have clarity as to why Family Services truly matters to the people and communities we serve. Our focus on emerging needs will ensure relevancy to our mission to drive change. We will seek out and foster collaborative solutions to address crucial social problems.

Executive Team

Karin Kirkpatrick LLM, MBA, CPA, CMA,

Jessica Denholm BA, MA

Vice President

Lise Beauchesne, BSW, MSW, Ph.D., RSW

Director – Specialized Family Supports

Sharon Munro,

Director – Human Resources

Calum Scott BCS

Director – Youth Services

Lisa Whittaker BA, MEd

Vice President – Counselling, Trauma, and Victim Services

Leah Zille BCom

Director – Marketing & Communications

2016/2017 Board of Directors

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