Committees of the Board

The Board currently has five standing committees that support its oversight responsibilities:

The Finance/Audit Committee is responsible for the financial oversight of the Agency, including the review of statements, financial systems, internal controls, and external audits. The Committee ensures the Agency’s financial resources are expended in ways reflective of Board policy.

The Governance Committee is responsible for the Board evaluation process and Director self-assessments, the review and proposal of change to the governance framework including Board policies and the bylaws, and annual review of the risk management plan.

The Nominating Committee is responsible for leading and making recommendations to the Board in identifying, recruiting, appointing, and re-appointing Directors as well as annually reviewing the Board skills matrix and supporting Board orientation.

The Human Resources Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Board regarding CEO goals, evaluation, and compensation, reviewing significant HR risks, managing succession planning, and the overall compensation environment and cultural and organizational health.

The Executive Committee is responsible for the strategic planning process and the ongoing development and education of Directors.

The Board also has two advisory committees and forms ad hoc committees as required for task-specific issues. Current ad hoc committees include a Boards Metrics Committee and a Building Redevelopment Feasibility Committee.

The Adoption Advisory Committee ensures the organization’s Adoption Agency fulfills its mission and obligations. The Committee also raises awareness of adoption needs, issues, and practices in the community.

The Social Enterprise Advisory Committee considers potential opportunities to advance the vision and mission of the organization through a social enterprise model, and ensure social enterprise activities adhere to the Agency’s vision, mission and values and the Agency’s overarching social enterprise philosophy.