Committees of the Board

The Executive Committee is responsible for evaluating the performance of the CEO, ensuring there is a management succession plan in place that is reviewed annually, assures Board approval of the Agency’s strategic plan, and reviews the Agency’s monthly financial statements.

The Facilities Committee is responsible for identifying and analyzing capital projects, including management of the real estate portfolio and the redevelopment of existing Agency assets, oversight of capital project implementation, annual review of space requirements, and advises the Board on significant leasing transactions.

The Finance/Audit Committee is responsible for the financial oversight of the Agency, including the review of statements, financial systems, internal controls, and external audits. The Committee ensures the Agency’s financial resources are expended in ways reflective of Board policy.

The Fund Development Committee is responsible for overseeing the Board-driven fundraising initiatives, as well as developing and supporting new and existing sources of funding.

The Governance Committee is responsible for focusing of governance issues consistent with the Agency’s vision and mission. It makes recommendations regarding Board Governance and effectiveness, and provides ongoing development and education of Directors.

The Nominating Committee is responsible for developing and leading the process for identifying, recruiting, appointing, and re-appointing Directors for the Board. The Committee also ensures new Directors receive a thorough Board orientation.
The Adoption Advisory Committee is responsible for ensuring the Adoption Agency fulfills its mission and obligations. The Committee also raises awareness of adoption needs, issues, and practices in the community.
The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Advisory Committee is responsible for supporting and monitoring the development and financial stability of the Employee Assistance Program. The committee is charged with overseeing the business plan and the ability to grow the business of the EAP.