Collective Impact: What is it

Collective Impact is a structured framework for addressing complex social issues that require greater integration of interventions and prevention strategies across traditionally siloed sectors to achieve improved systems outcomes.

Common Agenda – Shared Vision

Eliminate the odds!  Invest in youth by creating equity of access to meaningful experiences, caring connections, and opportunities for growth based on individual needs, wants and readiness.

Collective Principles

Context, Space and Relationships: Life experience creates context and influences patterns: discern when to respect existing culture and when to stretch towards something new.

Intention and Invitation: Continue to invite others to participate in the shared purpose of this initiative with the intention of guiding us into actions that fulfill our desired impact.

Transparency and Courageous Modelling: Transparency occurs when we believe that information flows freely and results in taking action in direct and honest ways that serve the initiative.

Trust the Wisdom of the Whole Community System: Seek intelligence and direction from young people, service providers and unlikely community allies to spark innovative solutions and options to move towards the desired impact.

Power Shift: Value contribution equally no matter where it comes from.

Iteration: Iterative feedback loops are foundational to the collective impact process: one conversation informs the next and learning deepens and expands understanding and possibilities

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