Workplace bullying: identify the signs and take action

The effects of bullying on a person can be extremely damaging—in fact, both the victim of bullying and the person who perpetuates bullying have been found to be at higher risk for suicide.1 But while we typically think of bullying as a problem in schools and playgrounds, a staggering 40% of Canadians experience one or...
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Stand up to your inner bully by cultivating self-compassion

On February 28, Canadians will be wearing a pink t-shirt to take a stand against bullying in our schools, workplaces, and online. However, we often overlook the most common source of bullying in our own lives—ourselves. At Family Services of Greater Vancouver (FSGV), we go beyond the pink t-shirt to create respectful connections that are reflected...
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Get Money $kills – for Free!

Take our Money Skills program and learn how to: • budget and take charge of your money • pay lower bank fees • build a good credit history • deal with debt • get what you really want with your money

WHEN: Weds March 22 (9am-12pm) & Thurs March 23 (9am-1pm)

Please note: this...

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