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Domestic Violence Unit - FSGV

If you or someone you know is experiencing violence, please call 911.

Domestic violence against women is not something we like to talk about. But the truth is, it happens far too often right here in our community—and we may be unaware that it’s happening to women close to us right now.

In most cases, domestic violence is committed by a woman’s spouse, partner, or other family member, and can be life-threatening.

The Domestic Violence Unit is a vital partnership program between Family Services of Greater Vancouver (FSGV) and the Vancouver Police Department.

For over 20 years, FSGV has been helping victims of domestic violence ask for help, access support, and navigate the criminal justice system, which can be a highly traumatic experience.

Using its unique trauma-informed model, FSGV works in partnership with the police to create change within the criminal justice system that benefits victims of domestic violence.

FSGV actively shares its successful model with other service providers and agencies setting up domestic violence response units in their own communities.

Last year, the Domestic Violence Unit helped more than 400 victims—predominantly women whose personal safety was at extreme risk—find support and attempt to bring their perpetrator to justice. We reached over 550 support workers through 16 training sessions sharing our model of trauma-informed service for victims of domestic violence.

We are literally saving lives. But with limited resources, we are only able to serve a tiny fraction of people who desperately need our help.

Last year, the Vancouver Police Department received approximately 4,600 domestic violence-related reports. Due to limited resources, only around 265 of the highest risk cases were assigned to detectives in the Domestic Violence Unit.

With your support, we can help significantly more victims of domestic violence gain the strength and courage to leave extremely dangerous situations and access support.

DVU Client Quote


$50 – assists victims during their witness orientation session at the courthouse

$100 – helps clients prepare for their initial interview with Crown counsel

$200 – pays for one day of support for a victim in court

$1,000 – develops a client’s personal safety plan and funds 12+ months of work with the client to improve their situation




Learn more about how you can support survivors of domestic violence. Contact Jennifer McCaffrey, Fund Development Coordinator on 604-731-4951 ext. 4155 or