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When a birth mother contacts us for support, our counselling staff devote themselves to ensuring that she (and partner, where appropriate) have all the support and information they need as they consider their options. When a decision has been made, we work with them to create an adoption plan—one that works to ensure all their wishes for their child are clearly identified and that demonstrates they have complete understanding of how they wish the adoption process to unfold.

The term Domestic/Local Adoption refers to an adoption in which a birth mother or couple, residing in British Columbia, decides that they are unable to parent their baby/child and contact a licensed adoption agency, such as Family Services of Greater Vancouver, to make an adoption plan.

  • Most of these children are newborns, usually with limited health risks (although there is no guarantee of this).
  • Parents wanting to adopt a local infant need to choose an agency, complete a homestudy,  and then wait to be selected by a birth parent(s) making an adoption plan for their child.  Your agency social worker will contact you any time that you are selected by a birth parent.  You may also contact the agency anytime to check how many times your homestudy may have been viewed by a birth parent(s).
  • Family Services has a “Waiting Parents” group for parents that gets together regularly to provide support and information while you wait.  This group is facilitated by a registered social worker.
  • Open adoption is also an option for families and parents will learn about openness and the level they are comfortable with through the homestudy process.
  • Once consents to adoption are signed, the birth mother has 30 days after the birth of the child to revoke her consent. Apart from that, anyone who has consented may only revoke consent if the court finds it to be in the child’s “best interest.”
  • Adopting parents are provided with medical and social background information to share with their child. 

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