What Is The Process For Placing My Child For Adoption

Should you decide that adoption is best route for your child:

  • You will choose the parents for your baby. You will be given family profiles to read based on the type of home you want for your child (for example certain interests or background).
  • Your wishes will be respected. You decide what is important.
  • You can meet the adoptive parents of your child (or you may want limited or no contact).
  • You can decide how much openness, if any, you would like in your adoption. This may be letters and pictures of your child, or you may decide you would like to see your child and his/her family on an ongoing basis.
  • You will be linked to a counsellor during and after your pregnancy. If you require counselling after the placement of your child, this will be available to you.

Open adoption or openness?

Many birth parents have questions about the possibilities of remaining in contact with the child after giving him/her up for adoption. These days, many birth parents and adoptive parents remain in contact after the child is placed. This is called openness.

Openness comes in a variety of forms, involving different levels of contact, varying from letters and pictures to ongoing visits.

Should this be something that you want, we will work with you to help you to figure out what level of openness is right for you. We can also help you to decide how your child’s cultural and racial heritage will be respected.

All our services to birth parents are free and respect your privacy.

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