Neighbourhood Small Grants Program

Family Services of Greater Vancouver administers the Neighbourhood Small Grants program in New Westminster. This program was created by the Vancouver Foundation to encourage residents to generate ideas for how their neighbourhood could be strengthened. Grants of between $50 and $500 are given to groups who want to work together on small projects to enhance their community socially, physically or culturally.

The program works to build leadership, strength, and capacity within neighbourhoods, build a sense of belonging and inclusion by bringing neighbours together, showcase talent from various community members, expand and share existing residents’ skills, knowledge and connections, and build a sense of pride in neighbourboods. To ensure inclusivity, events must be free of charge to all participants.

Grants are provided by the Vancouver Foundation. Family Services’ role is to administer the funds as per the direction of a community group which oversees the program.

For more information, call 604-525-9144

To apply to the Neighbourhood Small Grants program, click here.