Projects 4

  • Letter from a youth

    Letter from a youth

    Sometimes a client gives us feedback that takes simply takes our breath away. This beautifully written letter, from a youth...

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  • Revving up

    Revving up

    Keeners Car Wash provides a starting point for youth   Generally speaking, organizations don’t appreciate it when other organizations poach...

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  • Striking a pose

    Striking a pose

    It was a playful fox cub that inspired Michael Schmidt to think about photography seriously as a career option. Back...

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  • Coming Full Circle

    Coming Full Circle

    Volunteering brings employment and builds community The first thing Vera Maesen and her husband noticed about Canada was how friendly...

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  • Cleaning up: Keeners Car Wash provides youth with new possibilities

    Cleaning up: Keeners Car Wash provides y

    It seems Alexandra Wolfe was destined to work with cars. Her grandfather, father, and uncle, all owned car dealerships, so...

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  • A modern family

    A modern family

    Ian and Darryl Colvin were on their honeymoon when they decided to start a family. “I was reading Dan Savage’s...

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  • A night in the life: a personal perspective

    A night in the life: a personal perspect

    Sandra Suh, one of the participants in A Night in the Life, is a senior manager at Deloitte. She decided...

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  • What Family Services Means…

    What Family Services Means…

    We asked Family Services staff what working here means to them. The results were truly inspiring....

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  • Helping kids be all that they can be

    Helping kids be all that they can be

    Parent Connect Program strengthens social connections for newcomer parents Four months ago, Rahima, mom of three children, suffered from an...

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  • Volunteer Profile – Pat Dunnett

    Volunteer Profile – Pat Dunnett

    When Pat Dunnett thought about retirement, she had a slightly different bucket list than what might be expected: “If anyone...

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